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Introducing The Bao

Steamed Bao Bun filled with our signature meat, sweet and tangy carrot, cool cucumber, cilantro, the special Bao sauce, served with a scoop of guacamole. Available in Bulgogi, Charred Pork, Shrimp, or experience it all with a combo.


Bó Jjajang !

One of the most beloved Korean comfort pasta dishes from childhood. Silky smooth savory black bean sauce, kicking it up with meatballs, pork belly, and hint of special aromatic oil

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Featuring Ban-Sang Set

Ban-Sang is a collective name for small side dishes complementing the main dish along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine


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A Mouth-Watering Experience

With its origins in a traditional home kitchen full of rich flavors, the dream of opening up a restaurant turned into reality when Blue Spice was founded.

With an impeccable eye for presentation and a preference for fresh and bold flavors, every single item on our menu is carefully prepared to dazzle the five senses.


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